Raving Reviews

".. One quick listen to David Julia's  CD, INSPIRED, will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he's an old soul in a nineteen year old  body."​ 

Marty Gunther, Blues Blast Magazine​

"David Julia’s dream to live the life of a musician is as real as it gets.  David Julia’s first major label recording is truly “Inspired.”"

Roger & Margaret White Big City Rhythm & Blues Magazine

“David Julia has an ear for melody, and a strong feeling that is contagious.” 

Mike Zito

" I Met David when he was just thirteen at a Fur Peace Ranch workshop. He inspired me and the other workshopers to more creativity. David's guitar mastery, vocal skills, songwriting, and performance skills are fulfilling his promise!"

Bob Margolin

“Talk about a “pheenom”–David Julia is the epitome of the term! He has performed at International Blues Challenge in Memphis four years in a row. David's album, “Inspired,” is a tribute to those players who have mentored and taught him. Produced by Mike Zito, at Marz Studio in Nederland, TX. David has also performed on the Legendary Blues Cruise and has competed in the International Blues Challenge.” 

Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Alliance

"Although he can shred the frets, David plays from his soul and sings from his heart."

Gary Anton, BBC